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The chairs are now being put to good use and the staff love them – see below photo for evidence!! Many thanks for your help.

Mrs Emma Hill
Clifton High School
As the school’s Health & Safety Officer, I was responsible for ordering and assigning these chairs to our Elementary School staff members. I would thoroughly recommend the chairs to other schools. The selection and ordering process was simple and efficient, and the website very informative.

All the staff who have been given a chair have reported back to me that they find them very comfortable and have definitely improved their posture. The chairs are of good quality and I hope to order more in the near future.

Best regards
Debbie Strachan
Health & Safety Officer
International School of Aberdeen
This is not something that can be ordered from anywhere as Jolly Back is a unique company. This chair is an essential item required for the physiotherapists whilst working with children and has been approved by our health and safety risk department as an essential items due to the position these children have to be treated in.
Katherine Knowles
Therapy Team Administrator
I am from The Rosary Catholic Primary School, Heston, Hounslow and have been asked to write to you.

My name is Julie Harness and I have had one of your Jolly Back chairs while I was the teacher in the nursery class. I was thinking about getting one for quite a while to help my aching back , but never quite got round to it.

In August 2012 I broke my ankle while on holiday in Canada. I know, poor me. I was in plaster and off work for a while and returned initially part time after half term in October. I found it very hard to sit down on the children's low small chairs and especially to push myself back off them, as I did not have the flexibility in the ankle to do that easily. Luckily my Head teacher suggested we finally buy one and I must say it helped enormously and I was able to get in and out of the chair with relative ease.

I am now in reception class since September 2013, but have moved the chair into the class with me. The width at the base and back support are so comfortable compared to sitting on the children's chairs and I am very pleased with it. My colleague who is in nursery and the parallel reception classes have both ordered one, as they are envious of mine!!

The children in my class want to use it as well, but know they are not allowed to do so. The fact it is on wheels makes it so easy to move around.

I wish you every success!

Best wishes
Julie Harness
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constant good service and the accuracy of your deliveries. The recent new line we took from you was in on time and without issues. Your communication is always friendly and reliable, an all-round excellent supplier.
Helen Reale
Buyer at TTS
I have worked with Lorna on several projects over recent years, including a survey into back problems amongst early years and primary teaching professionals and various articles, giving practical advice on back care, for our members’ magazine, Your Voice, and blog.

She has also delivered presentations at a number of Voice training events and exhibitions.

I have always been impressed by Lorna’s enthusiasm, kindness and specialist knowledge, and by her dedication and commitment to the wellbeing of both education professionals and children. She has a genuine desire to make a difference - to protect adults and children from a serious problem and to campaign to raise awareness of an issue that is all too often under-reported or ignored by those in authority.
Richard Fraser
Communications Officer / Editor
Voice: the union for education professionals
Thank you very much. I have had a Jolly Back Chair for around 18 months and I have ordered the others for the rest of the EYFS team as we all end the day with back and neck pain.
Claire Michael
The King Alfred School
I've just got some feedback from the member of staff who this was purchased for and she has said "it is brilliant!!!!", so I'm guessing from that she's quite happy with it! Thanks.
Trish Briggs
Baguley Hall Primary School
The Jolly Back chairs are great thanks - great for sitting with young children when we do! Brilliant for actively moving around the classroom and you know you are in a good position.
Lois Wilson
Pond Park Nursery School
I'm delighted that you've received acknowledgement for your product, which is so good for the H&S of staff. I've 'interviewed' the three people who used the first chairs we received, they said: "comfortable, easier to sit on and better support" "I've found my 'core' muscle! It's helped my posture and is easy to move around. I use it all the time." "Perfect sizing for sitting at the lower tables in Year 1. Very pleased." The Headteacher has said she will be telling her colleagues about the chairs. All the very best
Jo Palmer
Newnham Infant and Nursery School
My colleague and I have now had a chance to look through the DVD together – it is very comprehensive and gives some excellent practical work-related examples.
County Council
Schools Moving and Handling Advisor
To let you know that the Jolly Back chair and posture pad have arrived safe and sound. Both are great, the chair especially is making a big difference to the member of staff who needs it. The other staff are all trialling the posture pad to see if it makes a difference.

Kind regards
Faye Jeffs
St Mary’s Church Pre-School
Thank you very much. I have had one for around 18 months and I have ordered the others for the rest of the EYFS team as we all end the day with back and neck pain. We look forward to receiving them.

Kind regards
Claire Michael
I just wanted to say the chair has been great. Though it gets put in to the staff toilets when I am not at work – which is a shame because my TA who is in her 60s has excruciating back pain sitting in tiny chairs. There really is a ridiculous perception that adults should be able to function in tiny spaces. Anywho… I won’t be there for much longer so will be taking my chair with me to my next job! Yay.

I just wanted to say, I took my chair into my daughter’s school for the reception teacher and TA to try out. The TA has arthritis in her knees and hips, so she is struggling. Apparently they absolutely loved it and even took it for a spin down the ramp! Ha.

I have given the head your website and email address I think she will be getting a couple for the Early Years Team. Look out for an email from Featherbank School.
Lara Rule
The chairs arrived on Wednesday - thank you!

We trialled the Jolly Back chair in October last year after staff complaints of lower back pain often associated with working at low level furniture. The staff were really impressed with how comfortable the chair was and how it immediately corrected their posture making sitting more comfortable. We took delivery of 25 chairs this week so hope that lower back pain will no longer be a complaint.
Claudia van de Laar-Newson
The British School of Amsterdam
In summary I love the chair, we use wheeled stools lots in Paediatric Physio to sit on whilst handling a child to stand or walk to save our backs. The Jollyback chair offers a better position and more support as it has the back rest, but with all the same function, mobile and with breaks. When treating I have no shoes on and the breaks can be put on with my feet and released with my feet which is really valuable when handling a child, as you can keep your hands on. With the back support it would allow me to handle the child for longer before fatiguing. In schools that I visit who have children with Physical needs we would often advise a wheeled stool is supplied for these handling situations. From a teachers point of view I can really see that the increased back support would be valuable as usually they sit at a child's chair, again to be mobile with little ones is valuable. With regards to the cushion they are a cheap good way to improve posture when sitting on the floor or a chair, good product.
Samantha Reeve
We have received the chairs. They are great, the staff that are using them are having significantly less pain in their backs. What a great product. Thank you again for the great service.
Stacey Webb
Haldimand Norfolk Preschool Speech and Language Program
I have spoken to the member of staff that the chair was ordered for and, to quote her; “In short I love my chair!! I can't even begin to tell you what a difference it makes and so now the treatment I have goes forwards not backwards”.
Deb McKie
Beech Grove Primary School
At English Martyrs' Catholic Voluntary Academy, we are delighted with our Jolly Back chairs, utilised within our Reception classrooms.

With health and well being in mind, our purchase has enabled the teaching staff to eliminate risk of injury through constant bending, kneeling down and sat crouched at low level children's chairs and tables.

Our Jolly Back chairs provide proper back support, promote better posture, are incredibly comfortable, and are light and easy to manoeuvre round busy classrooms.

It's ingenious wheel base allows you to navigate your chair to a new position without the need to twist and turn the body.

I would not hesitate recommending this product to all adults working within a young person's setting.

A fabulous and innovative product.
Catherine Taylor
Teaching Assistant
I bought the JB chair because it was recommended in my OH report (I was off work with pelvic joint pain following pregnancy) and wanted to get back to work. So far it has been fantastic (we got one for my TA too so we could 'trial' them with a view to all KS1 teachers getting them at some stage).

The main benefits for me, is not having to get up and down to move round the table when helping children with their work. In turn this reduces the amount of bending and stretching across the tables.

My TA loves it too!
Jo Young
Y1 teacher
Great Wood Primary School
In 2013 Cardinus decided to embark on a Corporate Social Responsibility programme and worked to find a Paediatric Physiotherapist who shared our values and beliefs.

After finding Lorna Taylor we could not have been happier. None of our suppliers have demonstrated such a commitment to our success as Lorna. She has challenged our plans and as well as provided new ideas. She has never missed a deadline and, in many cases, has over-delivered resulting in much less pressure in Cardinus.

Having launched our new produc, Healthy Working MOVE, I, along with my project team, can honestly state that we could not have done it without Lorna Taylor.
Jon Abbott
Director, Ergonomics & Safety
Cardinus Risk Management
The Jolly Back chair is really good, Rosie has been able to return to school and is managing very well.
Walgrave Primary School
The Jolly Back chair has been very successful and meets the needs of Lauren at this time. Lauren is delighted with it.

A great product. Thank you
Caroline Sarney
Gladstone Road Primary School
All our Jolly Back chairs have arrived and everyone is thrilled, one is being used by a member of staff with a shoulder injury and all the Foundation Unit. A great success. We heard about Jolly chairs from Occupational Health. Many thanks.
St Josephs
The jolly back chair is in daily use and we are very pleased with it. We were also very pleased with the customer service we received.
Pauline Crook
Timothy Hackworth Primary School
Our staff in Early Years absolutely love them, can’t believe how we managed before
St Cuthbert’s CE Primary School
The chairs are becoming very popular especially in our primary department of the school as they can be as low as the tables and in level with the children without having to bend over from a chair that was too high. We are looking into getting them across to the other schools that also deal with the smaller children.

Our early years practitioner Angeline did a lot of research into the problem we were having with staff and their backs as all the chairs being ordered had backs but was too high, or stools that go down to the height of the tables but the back was not supported. When she found Jollyback she ordered some chairs and as stated above now becoming more and more popular, and staff are happy to work closely with the children without the fear of damaging their back. In Whitefield Schools we take back care very seriously and often have seminars for all staff to attend and we are constantly reminded about our backs and our safety and recently the Jollyback chair was demonstrated.

Considering all chairs are made to order they all come in excellent time and we are always kept well updated about the process of the order. We look forward to ordering from you again.
Sophie Jackson
Whitefield School
That's all wonderful, thank you so much - especially about the birthday bow!

I heard about the Jolly Back at a manual handling course - I used to work in Special Ed - and the concept and name stuck in my mind. Sally has just started her teaching career and has already seen a physiotherapist about some back and hip problems. I know she will love walking into class and discovering a Jolly Back chair on her birthday. I will take some photos of it in situ when I drop it off the evening beforehand - and I'm sure there'll be some more pics taken on the day.

Thank you once more for all you help. All the best,
Sarah Siggs