Jolly Back PosturePad Junior - 12 Pack

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The Jolly Back PosturePad is a multi-function foam wedge for children and infants, developed by a Chartered Physiotherapist to improve healthy posture, motor skills development and concentration.

A larger version is also available for older children and those developing sitting balance who need their hands for support.

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Features and Benefits for Children and Infants

Wedge shape – promotes and supports a natural upright posture on the floor, bench and a chair. Active, “open and tall” alignment encourages back and core muscle strength and health spine development for children who can sit independently.

Sitting in a healthy position encourages optimum concentration and focus without distractions from being uncomfortable and off-task fidgeting. Children are calmer when using a firm base of support and can engage more fully in learning. They are also able to identify and keep to “their space” more easily and an effective habit of learning behaviour is carried though into other situations – helping to maximise teacher time and input.

The PosturePad can also be used by infants who are developing sitting balance (when awake and supervised) by actively increasing muscle strength and coordination.

For children who need to long sit to stretch tight muscles, the PosturePad and PosturePad Junior makes this exercise more comfortable and enjoyable by naturally titling the pelvis forward a little.

In addition to sitting, tummy time play and prone lying (when awake and supervised) are supported, enabling back and shoulder muscles development, encouraging movement and improving head control. Enjoyment of this important position is also increased.

Reflux can be eased (when awake and supervised) as infants are able to lie on their back with head raised up.

Seat size fits a standard primary school chair – enabling comfortable, healthy support when sitting on when sitting on a chair. This helps improve handwriting and fine motor skill. For best effect, use on a hard-surfaced chair and ensure children have their feet in contact with the floor.

Lightweight and portable – can be used and easily moved between classrooms at school, kindergarten, nursery, preschool, the hall, baby and toddler groups, outside and home for simple, effective support in numerous locations. Fits inside a standard book bag.

Waterproof, breathable and removable cover – hardwearing, durable and easy clean, perfectly suited for long-term use in demanding environments. Pleasant to use inside and out, ideal for outdoor learning. Available in a range of colours, mixed and single colour packs available.

Quality, firm foam – for genuine posture correction, provides a firm, stable base with comfortable support.

Stackable – for compact, easy access storage when not in use. Make great building blocks too!

Technical Specifications

  • 3 Waterproof, breathable fabric options
  • 28cm x 28cm
  • Non-slip mat included
  • Meets fire safety standards
  • 1 Year warranty