ENONE Classroom Chair

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The EnONE one-piece student chair has passed rigorous Jolly Back assessment for its exemplary ergonomic design, superior comfort and innovative design. It offers genuine back health benefits for children and young people and contributes to improved pupil focus, concentration and wellbeing.

Offering outstanding value and durability, the EnONE offers a welcome addition to learning environments be it in the classroom, dining room, exam hall, library or breakout areas.


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Features and Benefits

Seat shape – promotes and supports a natural upright posture and allows active movement when sitting. An added advantage is the short seat depth, which, while still adequately supporting thighs, reduces pressure on the back of the legs. This encourages circulation and blood flow around the body.
The short seat depth enables users to move their knees lower than their hips, thereby achieving an “open tall posture” rather than hunching over. This assists digestion and lung volume with increased energy levels (particularly noticeable after lunch).
The shorter seat also allows users to have their back in contact with the EnONE’s lower back support, allowing muscles to naturally relax and reduces low-level disruption through uncomfortable fidgeting.

Back rest support – comfortable, healthy support allows back muscles to relax and makes it easier to maintain an upright position, particularly important for children’s growing spines.
Back rest ventilation – cut out design assists optimum body working temperature.

Lightweight and portable – can be used and easily moved between classrooms, the hall, breakout areas for effective support in numerous locations. Being lightweight is also beneficial to pupils who need to manually lift their chairs on to their desk at the end of the day and to staff who are required to stack chairs during the day.

One-Piece Reinforced Polymer Material – ensures greater strength, durability, lighter weight and finer design. No seat fixing screws to become loose, go missing or squeak, therefore lowering pupil disruption from noise and off-task movement. Also reduces maintenance and need for repair.

Stackable – the space-saving EnONE can be stacked (almost vertically) 21 chairs high N.B: As with any chair stacking, always consider safety first.

Waterproof – hardwearing, durable and easy clean, perfectly suited for long-term use in demanding environments and ideal for outdoor learning. Available in a range of colours.

Recyclable – made entirely from recyclable materials and using less plastic material than any other chair in its class. The EnONE can be recycled entirely, if needs be, after its 21-year guaranteed use.

Secure Linking – bracket available on request as an additional option

EnONE Trolley – securely stores and allows safe movement of 30, size 5 or size 6 chairs (2 stacks of 15). The trolley fits through a standard single doorway to allow movement by one person. For internal use only. Comes with a 12-year warranty. Please get in touch and we can happily provide more details.

Technical Specifications

  • Warranty 21 years
  • Compliant with BSEN1729 parts 1 and 2
  • Meets industry standards BS EN16139:2013 level 2 certification for severe contract use
  • Weight limit 150kg
  • 5 standard colours available
  • Bespoke colours on request
  • Delivery approximately 2 weeks


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Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Orange, Lime Green, Night Grey