BackChat Staff Training Resource

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An Essential Guide to Manual Handling, Back and Voice Care for Education and Childcare Professionals

BackChat has been specifically created for education and childcare professionals to enable employees within an organisation to benefit from expert physiotherapy and vocal health knowledge and advice in a single resource and at their own convenience.

Research shows there is a higher incidence of back and voice strain in education and childcare professionals than in that of the general population. The very nature of working with children and young people puts adults at continuous risk of back and voice strain.

BackChat, created by a Chartered Physiotherapist, Lorna Taylor and voice specialists at Tempervox is the only resource available which offers essential information and practical solutions to the often overlooked but important areas of  areas of professional practice – lifting, moving and handling; back and voice care. It can complement, but is not a substitute, if hands-on training is required.

Did you know – back and voice health are inextricably linked and are both highly dependent on healthy posture?

Achieving and maintaining healthy posture when working in child-focused environments presents a significant challenge but with clear anatomy explanations and simple practical solutions offered throughout each chapter, employees will understand why and how they can improve their practice so it’s safer and healthier, both for themselves and the children they’re working with.



BackChat Training Contents:

6 sections which can be watched in any order, as time available allows: (totalling 60 minutes):

  • Section 1 – Introduction (2:45)
  • Section 2 – The Importance of Healthy Posture (5:00)
  • Section 3 – Principles of Healthy Posture (9:00)
  • Section 4 – Manual Handling (including TILE Risk Assessment) (13:30)
  • Section 5 – Voice Protection and Healthcare (12:00)
  • Section 6 – Workplace Ergonomics and Application (18:45)

Self-Assessment Multiple Choice – to consolidate knowledge and provide learning notes to easily refer to.

“Points to Remember” A3 display poster as a helpful reminder for staff noticeboards

We enjoyed creating BackChat to help save more backs and voices and are excited about the benefits it can bring to so many as a single resource for each organisation.

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