Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist (SLT) Support

Although the Jolly Back Chair was primarily designed to support teachers working at low heights, they have become increasingly popular as therapist chairs within hospital and community healthcare settings, being used by children’s therapists to improve comfort and offer movement when working with children attending paediatric physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and paediatric audiology departments across the UK.

When Julie, contacted us from the USA, we were determined to help and find a way to get our first Jolly Back chair to the USA!


Julie is a Speech-Language Pathologist and discovered Jolly Back Chairs by doing an internet search for “therapist chairs preschool.” She’s been a school-based SLP for over 20 years, but this past school year was her first time working with pre-schoolers.
Julie very quickly realised “I cannot sit in hard plastic chairs, as they hurt my back, and the student tables are so low I had to bend over from my office chair. Not a healthy situation! Jolly Back Chairs have rave reviews, and they look like exact what I need” Julie Swoboda, M.S./CCC-SLP


Through the UK’s “Exporting is Great” programme run through the Department of International Trade, logistics and legalities were overcome and Julie received her Jolly Back chair!

“I received my Jolly Back Chair yesterday and I am THRILLED with it! I am using it at work for the first time today and it is amazing. Makes all the difference in the world! Colleagues are starting to become envious…


We were equally thrilled with the outcome and thank Julie for her patience as were took our first steps towards establishing Jolly Back USA.

If you’re a teacher, therapist or distributer based in the US and are interested in Jolly Back, we’re here to help so please do get in touch via