Newly Qualified (NQT) and Returning Teacher Support

As a newly qualified teacher or teacher returning to work after a career break, it’s an exciting and sometimes daunting time. The following case study shows how teachers setting out or recommencing their teaching journey can be supported to work in comfort.


Former Special Educational Needs teacher and author of “Mud Boy”, Sarah Siggs, heard about the Jolly Back Chair at a manual handling course and the concept and name stuck in her mind. Her daughter had just started her teaching career and had already seen a physiotherapist about some back and hip problems.

As her daughter’s birthday was approaching, Sarah thought a Jolly Back Chair would be a perfect birthday gift and surprise. She would love walking into class and discovering her very own chair on her birthday!

Birthdays are always cause for celebration, so we sent the “birthday Jolly Back chair” with a bow!


Sarah’s daughter’s chair immediately became pride of place and has moved classrooms with her – along with the bow which she is using for a fantastic display. She has a box labelled “Compliment Catcher” for her Year 5 class to post a note inside when they see someone doing something good. On her “Fantastic Rose Green” display board are 30 named envelopes – and the Jolly Back birthday bow! The compliments are posted into the envelopes for the children to find each week.


Sarah’s daughter was delighted with her Jolly Back chair “it really is such a great and worthwhile product, I can whizz around tables and my back feels so much better”. “I have recommended it to a teaching friend over the holidays, she was going to ask her Head for one as she works in a private primary school and is always struggling with her back. Such a great idea and design and well done for all you are doing for teacher wellbeing!”
We’re pleased to say; birthday bows are always included if you let us know!
We’re so grateful to Sarah and her daughter for helping to spread the “Jolly Back” word as together, we really can help save more backs.