Multi Academy Trust – Health and Safety Manager Support

The health, safety and wellbeing of staff is paramount. Motivated, supported and happy staff really do provide for and get the best out of the children we serve.


Julie Brooks is the wonderfully proactive and passionate H&S Manager for Aspire Academy Trust. Aspire Academy Trust have 28 primary schools across Cornwall, UK.

Julie frequently works with staff in EYFS who have back problems and liked the look of the Jolly Back chair. She was running two EYFS conferences to demonstrate classroom equipment and resources to support the backs of Aspire’s nursery, early years and primary staff and asked for a trial chair for the events and for schools to try.

“Amazing! I am overwhelmed with positive feedback and thanks from our EYFS team today and the Nursery last week. I was declared a Champion of EYFS due to you and your Charis! You have a great product, well done”.

“It is so refreshing to have such a positive and engaging response. I sometimes feel like I am the only person who is seeing high sickness rate in the EYFS section of primary education due to back problems associated at working at such low levels. I see it so many benefits of supporting under H&S from the musculoskeletal perspective, but also the cost savings when brining in temporary staff to cover long term absence.

“Keep up the good work!”


Julie (and Sian) at Aspire Academy Trust should be congratulated for their dedication to the Trust and many staff they support. We sincerely look forward to an ongoing partnership, playing a small part in the great work they do and and very much enjoy working with them.

With an increasing number of schools forming multi academy trusts, federations and partnerships, Jolly Back offers free delivery to multiple locations with a single order and offers multi-buy discounts for group purchases. We are committed to supporting you as you support others. If we can help, please do get in touch.