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PostureStars Podcast Teacher’s Posture and the Jolly Back

Feb 2021

Under 5 Magazine

Feb 2021

Educate Magazine

Jan 2021

With kids stuck at home in lockdown, could Covid-19 leave our children with hunched spines?

July 2020 The Sun

the Charity for Healthier Backs: Back Pain for Education Professionals

April 2020 BackCare

As a local Midlands SME business, Jolly Back supports University of Derby’s DRIVEN intern employment scheme

Jan 2020 Midlands Enterprises Universities

Is your child’s back fit for the future?

Autumn 2019 TalkBack

D2N2 Growth Hub supports Jolly Back Chair innovation with export to USA

Feb 2019

How Lorna is watching the backs of staff working with children

Dec 2018 Derby Telegraph

Growth Hub celebrates its 4th birthday with success story and thanks from Jolly Back.

Dec 2018 Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire (D2N2)

So, what’s musculoskeletal health and how is it related to wellbeing in schools?

July 2018 #Teacher5aday

A Pain In The Back – Is Your Early Years Setting Bad For Your Health?

August 2016 Teachwire

Back-Healthy Technology Use for Children and Schools

An evidence based article where Lorna explains the challenges and implications of technology use in schools and at home and offers practical solutions for schools and families.

Children, Young People and Families Occupational Therapy Journal Autumn 2016 Volume 20, Number 2, p14-16

"Are they sitting comfortably? - Investigating whether todays' classroom furniture is really fit for 21st Century learning.

Article published in Teach Secondary Magazine
September 2016 Edition

"10 Steps to KeePing Your Back Healthy"

Article published in SEN Magazine
July/August 2016 Edition

Think only adults get bad backs?

Meet the children crippled by modern life thanks to spending up to SEVEN HOURS a day on laptops and iPads
Article in Daily Mail
24 March 2016

"Back Health in Education"

Article in Occupational Health Physiotherapy Journal pages 13-17
Summer 2015 Edition

"Tablet device warning to schools: Best laid plans could go awry"

Article in Connect, Cardinus Risk Management magazine
Spring Edition 2015

"Back Health in Education"

Article in Occupational Health Physiotherapy Journal pages 14-19
See Volume 18.3 November 2014

"Lessons in Back Care....when the workplace is the classroom there are back care issues for staff and pupils"

Column 26.3, Journal of the National Back Exchange
1 September 2014

"Are they sitting comfortably?"

8 September 2014

Concerns raised over impact of tablets on posture

2 December 2013

'a back injury time bomb'

Video games, tablets and smartphones are 'a back injury time bomb' for children who are increasingly sedentary, study warns 13 November 2013

Technology is 'a back injury time bomb’ for children

12 November 2013

Injury case 'wake-up call' for sector on health

9 August 2013

Newsround for BackCare

Lorna appeared on Newsround for BackCare - the Charity for Healthier Backs "Heavy school bags a danger for kids"
15 May 2012

Is your Child's School Bag Damaging Their Spine?

Is your child's school bag damaging their spine?
Lorna was interviewed as a paediatric physiotherapist for the Daill Mail
14 May 2102

Chartered Society of Physiotherapists

Frontline Magazine
PosturePad in Product Showcase

Analysis: Back pain shown to afflict the majority of practitioners

Nursery World
19 April 2011

Tiny classroom furniture in primary schools is a health hazard for teachers

Source: The Telegraph
Tiny chairs, desks and extra-low sinks may make the classroom ideal for children but it is turning them into a health hazard for teachers, claims a new study.
2 April 2011

Jolly good idea puts Lorna Taylor in the hot seat

Source: Daily Express
A new type of chair spells jolly good news for anyone working at a low height, such as primary teachers.
12 January 2011