Low Height Seating Solutions for Primary Teachers and Early Years Professionals Who Are Pregnant

The challenges and risks to musculoskeletal heath directly associated with working in “a child’s environment” are enormous. Research shows the top 3 causes of work-related pain in early years and primary teaching professionals are:

  • Bending over low tables.
  • Sitting on children’s chairs.
  • Kneeling at low tables or on the floor.

For teachers and assistants who are pregnant, the risks are event higher as hormones cause increased laxity of supporting ligaments in preparation for birth, centre of gravity alters as pregnancy develops, digestion and respiration are compromised (especially in sitting) as the baby grows, and increased fluid leads to extra stiffness in swelling in lower limbs.

Finding appropriately assessed seating for employees who are pregnant is time critical as there is an unavoidable (and exciting) deadline!

The two low seating options we’d recommend for most pregnant women (staff and volunteers) are:

  • The Jolly Back Chair (with fundamental seat wedge, height adjustable back support, tall back rest handle and quality castors, weight tested to 110kg/ 17st3lb). This provides a practical, comfortable alternative to sitting on children’s chairs, is weight tested for safety, can be positioned without lifting and moved actively whilst sitting – all helping to reduce twisting, lifting and swelling and improving upright posture, bump and back support, digestion and lung capacity in sitting.


  • For some pregnant women, who required arms to get in and out of their chair and additional assistance of getting up from being low down, the Fusion Petite Ergo+ office chair is an excellent option and provides the benefits of the Jolly Back chair above. The Fusion Petite Ergo+ chair can also be fitted with an inflatable lumbar support and other bespoke options for an individually tailored chair.

We’re here to help, always love to listen and guarantee to find the most appropriate solution for you.

Teaching is hard work, being pregnant is hard work, we’re here to make both that bit easier, healthier and more comfortable for the duration!

Please do get in touch or share the following link with others you think could benefit from knowing about Jolly Back.