Health and Safety Executive Commend Physio’s Design for Jolly Back Chair

Physiotherapist and Founder, Lorna Taylor is delighted Jolly Back has been commended in the HSE’s annual “Risk Reduction Through Design” Awards.

The “Risk Reduction Through Design” Award is sponsored by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors CIEHF) to inspire businesses to consider how ergonomics-based design changes can reduce the risks of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and which have made a real impact.

Jolly Back’s entry involved trialing ergonomically design low seating in classrooms in Trent Infant and Nursery School, together with training to raise awareness of posture and musculoskeletal conditions associated with low height working, and an early reporting system for cummulative strain injury (aches and pains which come on over time). 

The judging panel consisted of representatives from employer’s organisations MakeUK (formerly EEF); GMB trade union; CIEHF and HSE.

Judges were “pleased to see an entry that addressed a “forgotten” area/group in a sector with endemic musculoskeletal issues. The application of good ergonomic design to ensure functionality and worker comfort was recognised. This was reflected in the feedback from users and impact on the school and felt overall this was a strong and welcome design concept that worked well in this school”.

Lorna said ” I am over the moon to be commended, along with he likes of Airbus and Network Rail as we’re such a tiny company! To truly give their best to pupils, staff need appropriate equipment and training to help them work safely and comfortably – both as they enter the profession and throughout their career.

To have the Jolly Back chair’s design recognised to provide support for low height working and help improve ergonomics for teachers in schools and nurseries is incredible”. 

“I will keep working at raising awareness of the benefits of back care for teachers and importantly back pain and musculoskeletal injury prevention for this valuable sector of employees”

For a copy of our award poster, created by HSE, summarising how our Jolly Back intervention helped, please click here.

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