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Research shows that 88% of early years and primary education professionals have suffered musculo-skeletal pain, which they feel is work-related and up to 50% of 14 year olds have now experienced back pain.

Musculoskeletal Disorders include back, neck hip and knee pain, joint injuries and muscle strains.

Risks include:

  • Bending and twisting – repeating an action too frequently
  • Uncomfortable working position
  • Not receiving and acting upon reports of symptoms quickly enough
  • Repetitive and heavy lifting

Staff working at low heights with young children in child-focussed environments have an increased risk of pain due to the very nature of the job – often adopting awkward postures, lifting furniture and equipment, carrying resources and children.

Children’s spinal health can be adversely effected by modern lifestyles and poor posture, increasing their risk of musculo-skeletal disorders.

Jolly Back, created by specialist physiotherapist Lorna Taylor, helps children and staff learn, understand and achieve healthy, safer postures – bringing benefits now and for their future


  • Award winning and original products which improve posture and wellbeing including the award-winning Jolly Back Chair.
  • Individually tailored back health education and consultancy.
  • Award winning customer service – personal and reliable.
  • Free expert advice.
  • UK designed and manufactured to high quality environmental standards.
  • International delivery options.
  • Free online resources for education and healthcare professionals, parents and students to support back health, activity and wellbeing.

Jolly Back provides innovative, affordable and effective solutions which:

Improve posture, comfort and musculoskeletal health to assist career longevity for adults working with children.

Reduce absenteeism, related costs and disruption – supporting employers by saving time, costs and enabling staff continuity.

Demonstrate proactive leadership culture towards wellbeing – assisting with talent retention and recruitment.

Positively contribute to employee engagement and productivity – helping to maximise quality teaching output and therefore academic results.

Improve children’s gross motor development and posture – supporting their future health and opportunity.

Improve pupil behaviour and concentration, contributing to improved learning outcomes.

At Jolly Back, we are professional in approach and strive for fun and friendly support. We hope you will join us as a Jolly Back Friend